Finding Balance Within

Written By Brittany Taylor

Where is your structure? Where is your flow? Do they support one another? How does duality show up in your world? Does it feel integrated? Do you feel integrated? Living in integrity, as a whole, harmonious being? Do you feel balanced? Do the practices of your daily life help you feel grounded, open and expansive?

I feel this theme in the world right now. A desire for balance within us. And on a deeper level, I feel the awareness that the universe is in balance. And in that, balance is always available for us. We are harnessing the power of what has always existed for us to embrace.

Within me and around me, I feel a merging of dualities. Or rather, a recognition that separation has always been an illusion. I feel an integration of what we have come to know as femininity and masculinity, yin and yang, and how on the level of divinity, all is one in the same.

I feel the cells, the fibers, the matter of this world swaying and finding balance. And an understanding that this has always been the dance. I feel myself swaying, dancing in and around the center of my being, the center of the universe, and there, I encounter all. All beings, all entities, all life, all death, all merged as one.

Are you desiring more balance within your daily life, within your internal world? Do you want to feel happier, more relaxed, more excited to wake up and embrace this day, to create from inspiration? To feel the inspiration, the love, the fire that is within you?

This is the kind of work I hold space for. Together, we feel the big picture growth you are desiring, we set the goals, we create the vision, we get into the details of living that will bring it about, we create the support you need, and then we rock the heck out of bringing you to the center of your life, bringing your dreams to fruition.

I specialize in the areas of personal growth, relationships, jealousy, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and parenting. If creating an in-depth 1-on-1 coaching environment sounds like the container you need to show up for yourself in the ways you want, to create the life you dream of living, check out my coaching offerings and reach out to me.

I love you. I appreciate you. I believe in you. I’m here, holding space for the beautiful, inevitable evolution of you.



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