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Some feedback from happy, growing beings.

Beings say the nicest things

Feedback from Ilya's Freebirth Video

“Brittany I can’t thank you enough for sharing so openly with the world what it was like to give birth to Ilya.”

Healing Jealousy Program Feedback

“Since completing the Healing Jealousy Program I feel no desire for ownership towards my partners in life whether they be romantic, creative, domestic etc.”

Feedback Regarding Parenting

“Your authenticity creates permission and safety to explore what feels right for me – even if parenting is a long way off for me!”

What beautiful beings are saying…

Oslo Grace Testimonial
“Her Jealousy program, which I have just begun, is a gem I wish everyone could experience. A deep well of knowledge that I know I, and the people in my life will benefit from years to come. “

Oslo Grace

Afton Morency
“I feel so much more open minded and accepting not only to other people, but to myself, my own thoughts and feelings. Thank-you Brittany for being authentic and inspiring!”

Afton Morency


Insta: @aftonmorency
Mike Hedge Testimonial
“Her Simplify Program was a simple, easy to follow eBook which helped encourage me to minimise and focus o the things that brought me the most joy!”

Mike Hedge


Insta: @hedgefamilyfarm
Charlotte Beusch
“You‘ve helped me through my darkest times by showing me how to be there for myself unconditionally loving and present.”

Charlotte Beusch


Insta: @loveyouchar

I expected that this program would be good, however it has completely blown me away. The journey you take us on is so thorough and profoundly eye-opening. I am excited about all the understanding and healing this is facilitating in my life and will undoubtedly facilitate in the lives of many others.

Feedback on the Healing Jealousy Program

YOU. MADE. MY. DAY. There is so much art that is “raw”, “real”, etc. throughout my life that gives me an indescribable feeling and feels recharging and on and on. You are one of those people who does that for me and your podcast/videos/etc have as well. Thank you for holding space to share all of these details of your personhood, pregnancy, and art. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Feedback from YouTube Videos

I’m a masters level therapist supporting others in their own trauma healing. I will be sharing your video with many clients. You speaking to the impact your trauma had on you and your healing journey back to yourSelf (vs focusing on what happened) is such a gift you are giving to the world.

Feedback Regarding Brittany’s Sexual Trauma Video

Feedback from Instagram

“I’ve been struggling with a bad drinking habit for a while and I’m 19. So when I want to go and get super drunk to drown my anxiety and insecurities, I think of you and Conor. What would my inspirations do? So I do yoga and make some bomb ass healthy food. Go on a walk. See the city. Every day that I change who I am for the better I want you to know you are the spark that lights the fire.”

Feedback from Instagram

“I just spent a few minutes seeing your stories and your Instagram and my heart is so full all the positivity that you spread! I found you when my boyfriend and I were learning about polyamory and while that’s not a route we’ve decided to take on right now, it’s been incredibly inspiring and fulfilling seeing it work so beautifully among others. So thank you so much Brit, for being you and for being a role model. ”

Iilya Birth Video Feedback

“I just finished watching the birth video and wow, had to just write and say how honoured I am to have shared in the experience in a way. Brittany you are a warrior Goddess and rocked birthing Ilya earth side. You have given me the confidence to know that I can do the same and have the strength and wisdom of my ancestors to birth our child when we are blessed to fall pregnant again.”

I think you are awesome! I have almost nothing in common with you, yet feel very connected to you. I imagine a lot of people feel this way, you are such a bright soul. I'm so grateful I came across your YT channel however many years ago it was. You're always inspiring my growth and perspectives and the way that I question whether all I'm doing is serving me. You ROCK! You're like the Freddie Mercury of self growth.

Feedback on YouTube Videos

Just over 2 years ago I was in a pretty bad place. When we spoke, I remember you saying something along the lines of this being an exciting time as it was the start of a new journey that I got to construct. As much as I heard that, it was really hard to feel at the time. Over the course of the last 2 years, that has stuck with me at every juncture, no matter how hard or terrible the feelings or situation. In the the last few months I have seen a lot of hard work pay off in strange but very telling ways - I am not the person I was 2 years ago and it has all been my choice. Thank you for the constant reminder that this is my journey.

Feedback from Coaching

Just popping in to say I’ve been watching your videos for years and I’ve grown so much from them. They have expanded my view on relationships and how I show up in the world. Ultimately, they have been a catalyst for asking myself lots of challenging and powerful questions. As a result my relationship with my partner has never been more amazing and deep - and I am such a better human thanks to you and Conor sharing your life experiences. Thank you so much for living and expressing your truth. It has poured over and made my life 10x more sparkly and beautiful.

Feedback on YouTube Videos

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