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For those who want their dreams enough to believe them into being

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I have been coaching individuals and partnerships for over a decade. I love supporting you in aigning with the thriving life you want to be living, attracting the relationships you desire, and abundance you have been dreaming of.

I offer single sessions, monthly, 3-month, and 6-month containers. Not sure where to begin? Book a free call!

Not Sure?
Book a Free 25-Min Session

If you are interested in working with me 1-on-1, book a 25-minute free coaching call. Or, if you want more time to feel it out together, you can book a single, 50-minute paid session.

Single Session

Book a one-time session in regards to any topic if you want to connect for a call before committing to a longer journey with me. Or, book a single session if you feel what you are wanting to discuss could be covered in one session.

  • One 50-minute session
  • Session recording
  • $50 add on for follow up with session highlights and action steps

Investment: $200

Monthly Container

Book a free session with me to see see if doing a monthly container feels aligned for us. In diving into this type of container, you will have a powerful ally and unlimited support from me.

  • One 50-minute session
  • Session recording
  • follow up with session highlights and action steps
  • unlimited text and audio support
  • whole life assessment
  • customized movement program 
  • focus point establishment
  • tools and exercises
  • accountability
  • me in your corner

Investment: $650-$950 (sliding scale)

3 or 6 month Container

Book a free session with me to see see if working together feels aligned for us. In diving into this type of container, you will have full support and attention from me, guiding you towards the visions you have dreamed up and the path we have crafted for you.

  • 1 initial 60-minute session 
  • biweekly 50-minute sessions (6 or 12)
  • session recordings
  • follow ups with session highlights and action steps
  • unlimited text and audio support
  • whole life assessment
  • visions and goals assessment
  • regular tools and exercises
  • customized movement program 
  • accountability 
  • my deepest level of support
  • a free soulbook upon request

Investment: $2750 (3 months) | $5500 (6 months)
(Payment plans available)

Brittany is an inspired coach, and working with her I felt how truly committed she was to my fulfillment in life. I was drawn to work with Brittany because I knew to expect radical acceptance from her, and this was something I was working on giving to myself. Not only did Brittany completely accept me, accept my dreams, accept my goals, she was also a stalwart cheerleader for them. She honored my instincts while sharing her own insights and reflections, and I found her to be extremely perceptive about what was going on with me, sometimes seeing beyond what I could see for myself. But perhaps the biggest benefit of working directly with Brittany is the example she sets of taking responsibility for her own feelings and reactions. She is so consistent, so grounded in herself, that I found myself attuning more to that energy in all aspects of my life. I felt this effect both on my own reactions to external events, but also on how I think about talking to others. I’ve become acutely aware of how often I offer apologies meant to soothe another person’s feelings that they have not even expressed yet! Expect to hear from Brittany often: “This is perfect!” -12 week transformation client

a message from a 12-week transformation client in the final weeks of working together

Hi Brittany. Going through your follow up email, I’m reflecting on our container and time together and I’m feeling so much gratitude for you. I had a moment where I simply reflected on the time we’ve shared together and seeing so clearly how you have empowered me to live life on my terms. To feel safe in following and doing what feels good to me. For the first time in my life feeling as though I have permission to truly live and trust myself. Thank you. This feels so freeing. So empowering. And I’m so grateful for you. So excited to see what unfolds and comes up and evolves these final 2 weeks. I feel so much love for you. 

During the 12-week program, Brittany and I touched on a myriad of topics from health to family, spirituality, and business. I could have never believed it when we first met but I have grown in all areas of my life. Brittany came to our meetings without an agenda and embraced who I am on my own unique path. The exercises they introduced are things I can continue to utilize throughout my life. I have immense love in my heart for Brittany and I am incredibly thankful for the space that they held. -12 week transformation client

learn more about my 12-week program and apply below!

Together, we dedicate ourselves to 3 months of supporting you in an epic transformation. We will hone-in on the area/s where you desire growth to unfold in your life, creating a supportive environment for you to flourish and evolve. As with any type of change, our work together will permeate all areas of your being and life experience. Although clients tend to come in with a particular area of growth in mind, they quickly learn that the effects of this epic process, that they are creating for themself, travel much deeper and wider than they could have expected. 

Included in Your Package:
  • 1-hour initial consultation
  • 6-50 minute bi-weekly sessions
  • Unlimited daily support via text and audio messaging
  • Session recordings
  • Weekly action steps
  • Post session follow-ups
  • Email and text support available weekdays
  • Personal exercises and resources
  • I ask a lot of my clients. I know that when we put in the work together, we experience incredible transformations, every time. I coach individuals who are deeply dedicated to their growth and evolution. If we choose to work together, this is what you will be committing to:
  • 2-hours of dedicated time per week committed to the completion of action steps
  • Participation in our bi-weekly sessions
  • Regular check ins in via email or text
  • An open mind and an open heart
Investment: $2750

Payment plans available. 

Wanting even more support? Ask me about my premium coaching, with weekly meetings for 12 weeks, at $5500.

there’s really only one question to ask yourself…

Do I want it enough to believe it into being and to embody the energy to align with it?

If the answer is HELL YES, you are someone I want to explore working with.

I ask a lot of my clients. If I choose to work with you, it is because I believe that you can make your dream a reality. When I sign on with you, I am completely committed to you succeeding, and I expect you to be too. 

So… I ask you to show up for the work, to commit to the action steps & to commit to believing in and loving yourself. I ask you to commit to a daily and weekly routine that will nourish you, in order to align with your best self and have the energy to move through stagnation. I ask that you align yourself with what is true for you and to be present for what surfaces, and to keep trusting and moving forward with the vision we have set forth. I ask you to stay committed for all 12 weeks of our time together, to stay in contact, to share, to receive.

I work with…

I work with individuals and partnerships, I dedicate myself to a limited number of individuals who are passionate about dreaming up and creating their most ideal reality and who are ready to get to work!

The main themes I navigate with clients include: Personal Development in all areas of life | Creating an autonomous pregnancy | Birth & Postpartum | Parenting | Uncovering and expressing sexuality | Healing trauma | Gender & Identity | Finding empowerment where victimhood has ruled | Creating your own business… and generally in Becoming the most Badass version of Yourself.

If you are feeling stuck or wanting extra support in any area of life, I am dedicated to empowering you to be the fullest expression of you… whatever that may look like. In coaching together, we shed layers, we dive deep, and we open up to that which is wanting to be birthed through you at this time in your life.

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