Confidence: How to Create it No Matter Where You Are

Written By Brittany Taylor

Confidence. We want it. It feels good when we have it.

What is confidence?

By definition, confidence is the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something. Confidence is firm trust.

To feel confident in ourselves, we need to trust ourselves. We need to trust that we can identify what we need. We need to trust that we can meet those needs, that we can co-create with the universe and other beings harmoniously to bring what we need about in our experience.

Most people that reach out to me have a desire to feel more confident in their lives in one way or many. This lack of confidence shows up as comparison, jealousy, a lack of inspiration, the feeling that they won’t be able to bring about a change they desire…

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

Do you mistrust yourself in some areas of life?

I have found that for me, gaining confidence is actually quite simple. And that simple does not necessarily mean easy. This kind of simplicity requires great consistency. And consistency, though maybe seen as a “boring” trait, is such a powerful one.

I feel confident when I am living in alignment with my true self, when I am living my unique, powerful existence of truth, passion, and love. I feel content when I’m being me, showing up fully, and sharing inspired love with others.

To live this way, to be the being who shows up powerfully, confidently, I need to be consistent with the rituals I’ve identified I need to be me.

When I am, magic happens.

When I’m not, I can easily feel uninspired, off, lacking, distraught, heart-broken, like a victim, and the list of undesirable emotions continues.

When I DO show up for myself, for the rituals I set forth for me, I feel fucking great! I feel like a badass. I feel consistent, empowered, passionate, alive, available to serve, to co-create with magic. And so much of this comes down to the very simple, basic rituals that create my daily life flow.

What are the rituals that you need to embody to be your powerful, badass, thriving self? How often do you want to do them? How often are you currently showing up for yourself there?

I’ve created a resource to help you track the rituals that shape your life.

If you want to have an epic 3 months of growth towards the confident version of yourself you envision, supported by yours truly, check out my coaching page. I’m accepting applications for my next round of coaching in April.




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