I used to be THAT crazy jealousy person

Written By Brittany Taylor

The most transformational journey I have ever undergone has been coming face to face with my feelings of jealousy and this is why…

Jealousy is pervasive. It is not reserved just for intimate connections, for people trying polyamory, for competitive best friends, for siblings. Jealousy is sneaky- it can get into the cracks and slip into every area of life. At least it did for me.

I was fucking jealous. Omg I was so jealous. I was THAT crazy jealous partner, best friend, family member, classmate, teammate, gym class participant, hallway walker, neighborhood kid, playground dweller, coworker…If there was something I could feel inadequate about and blame it on another as somehow taking that away from me, I did. I felt not good enough and was on edge, at every turn, anxiously waiting for some new piece of information to come to my attention that would surely mean there was someone to be jealous of…

Someone to compare myself to, my body, my abilities, my intelligence, my preferences, the way I talked, the way I danced… someone to imagine was cooler than me, more fun to be around, more alluring to my partner or friends, more attractive, more in the flow of their life, more inspired.

And in a way, I was right. But for the wrong reasons. By looking outwardly, I had lost connection with my inner guidance, my unique, inspired self. I had lost touch with the flow of magic. And I was desperately pointing fingers.

After losing my two best friends and damaging my relationship with a partner in 2012, I knew it had been enough. I needed to confront what I deeply feared: that I was not enough.

What followed was an epic 7 years of transformation filled with every emotion I had never purely felt. And this: a burning desire to share what I had learned.

I poured my heart into creating something big, something powerful, something life-changing that could help others navigate through the muddy waters of the jealousy within their own being, with me there, encouraging and supporting. I shared all the tools, all the personal understandings, I shared journal entries, I shared videos, exercises, everything I imagined one could need to experience the transformation I had had over years in a fraction of that time. I did this for over a year, I enlisted the help of the most powerful collaborators I could imagine, and I created a program, for anyone ready to heal their jealousy.

And now I share it with you. Regularly. Because it is truly the most powerful resource I have to offer you. Which I believe will profoundly change your life, beyond just the realms where you notice jealousy showing up for you right now.

If you are ready to dedicate yourself to this kind of transformation, I recommend getting my Healing Jealousy Program and beginning now. The evolution you desire is ready and waiting for you to begin.





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