Podcast Transcription:

Welcome to “Loving Wild and Free”, a podcast by Bridgette Wolleat and Brittany Taylor.

Here we share our intimate journeys of deepening our understanding and practicing of unconditional love. With our relationship is the point of focus we tell personal stories and practice compassionate communication, which supports us growing together as individuals and as a unit.

All are welcome here. We are grateful to be on this journey beside you.


BT: “Hi beautiful beings. Did you know that we are coaches and work one on one and with partnerships?”

BW: “I, Bridgette, am a holistic health practitioner and nutritional therapist. I specialize in autoimmune,  hormonal imbalances and digestive health”.

BT: “I, Brittany, am a life coach, specializing in relationships and individual empowerment. Focusing on finding internal and attracting external alignment”.

BW: “We both help people align with their true selves to live the thriving vibrant lives they dream up”.

BT: “Find our emails in the show notes and reach out to us for a free 30-minute session”.

“Hi, Welcome. Welcome to Season 2 of our podcast.”

BW: “Yeah, it’s been a while…”

BT: “It’s been a while, couple months… Maybe a few couple?”

BW: “Maybe a few couple… Yeah, it’s been a lot going on.”

BT: “And I’ve been receiving lots of curiosity about when we’re going to have our next podcast episode. Maybe you have too?”

BW: “Here we are.”

BT: “Here we are, and we might be clearing our throats a little bit. I know I need to.”

BW: “Yeah, we’re recovering.”

BT: “Recovering from Claire’s, but I still need to do it every single day. Yeah, you want to share about the topic of today’s podcast?”

BW: “What is safety in the relationship?”

BT: “Yeah, and creating safety. How can you create safety in relationships and what has safety looked and felt like for us in relationship,”

BW: “and what has it not looked like.”

BT: “Yeah, I think that’s one of the main ways I think our systems know what it does feel like, by knowing what it doesn’t feel like. Yeah, and I think this is the perfect way to kick off this season.

When we were just sitting down to record this and Bridget said like, “let’s share a little update on what’s been going on with us”, and I think this is a big thing that we’ve been doing is creating a deeper sense of safety within ourselves and in our relationship.”

BW: “Yeah, yeah. For like, yeah, these last few months have really been about a lot of acknowledgment and self-reflection. And for me specifically really looking at the areas where I haven’t felt safe, and being really vulnerable about that. And I think reaching this… reaching this place with Brittany, where it’s like, I want to share my dreams with you and I want to build a future with you and I want to feel really safe in that. And I think to get there, or to get here, where I feel like I am today, I really had to acknowledge and be really vulnerable with sharing with Brittany, you know, all the ways I hadn’t felt safe, and then how I wanted to cultivate safety in our relationship.

I’ve spoken about it in other podcasts and maybe some of you know that I’ve been doing a lot of trauma healing work. Growing up with a lot of sexual trauma, childhood trauma, relationship trauma, I have been used to not feeling safe in relationship. I think that’s been more of my norm. And we can, what ive been learning, is we can, when chaos has been more of a normality in our life, we can feel just kind of good in that like it’s familiar. And so, as I had been going through this, this trauma healing program and just doing a lot of self-work over these last couple of years, I’m just really recognizing how I had recreated some chaos patterns in our relationship and really wanted to create space to speak about it with you. And so yeah, I feel like we’ve been doing a lot of that over these last few months and curious if you want to speak to any of that?”

BT: “Yeah, that’s beautiful to hear about. I think for me in our relationship since the beginning there’s been such an unknown like, I couldn’t… I said this to you recently, it was like, I couldn’t fit our relationship into the visions I had for, or how did I phrase it? Do you remember it was like?”

BW: “I couldn’t fit, or you couldn’t fit into my visions and like I couldn’t fit into yours, so we had to like expand beyond. And yeah.”

BT: “Yeah, that feels really accurate. Yeah, so like what I was doing and envisioning for life before meeting Bridgette had to expand, and I couldn’t be what I thought you wanted a partner to be, and you couldn’t be what you thought I wanted to partner to be, which is beautiful, honestly. I feel like partnership is such a co creation, and one of the reasons I’m in partnership with Bridgette is to change and to grow and to be influenced by you and to be inspired by you and some of the ways that our most challenging for me to grow, or figure out, are some of the things that are most nourishing for my soul. Like some of the ways you inspire me to grow come from like a challenge or an irritation within my system and I think, if you’ve been in growth relationships, which I’m sure you had, and maybe that’s romantic or otherwise, you know what I’m talking about. It’s like these people who inspire you to grow and it’s sometimes uncomfortable, and sometimes it’s really beautiful and there’s a lot of elements of our relationship, that are like pure, relaxing, enjoyable inspiration. And then there’s the challenge.”

BW: “So for me, can I speak to something?”

BT: “Yeah, please.”

BW: “I love that you just mentioned that, because I think one of the things that has helped us, or propel us into being able to grow through the challenges is also, like having, also like the deep resonance and it’s like, I think that has to be… if it’s all challenged, I think that can feel like what’s the point of this? And so there has to be a balance there, of like deep resonance and ease and flow and excitement and love and celebration, and then also right because that feels like okay, like that gives us fire to go grow through these challenges.”

BT: “Yes,”

BW: “Yeah.”

BT: “Yes.” So in terms of safety in our relationship for me, so almost like from the beginning, there was such an unknown was like, How the heck are we going to do this? From the time of meeting you I had like visions of us in the future together like traveling and adventuring and just feeling this deep resonance that I had already felt with you. But it was like, how does this fit into my current life? How does this fit into the life I’ve projected into the future? I couldn’t figure it out.

And it’s almost four years later now and I’m still just like on the ride of being open for the expansion of what it looks like. And a big shift for me recently, it’s just been feeling that, I feel like to be available for the divine co creation that’s wanting to be birthed through us, as like a merged vessel, like our unit, our relationship, I need to really believe and to create the safety anyway, to create safety in the unknown. And this is kind of perfect for me because I love freedom, and I love to feel safe and they’re so intertwined for me, and I sense that there’s something about our make-ups that has a real similarity in how adamant we are about being ourselves and living our truth.

I think that’s one of our main areas of resonance, and freedom feels really wrapped up in that. We want to feel free, and supported by each other, to be all of ourselves, and we want to feel safe. And some of the areas that I sense have been the biggest triggers for each of us are like, “Hey,” here’s this really important thing about me that I want to be seen and loved for, and bring forward in my life, and maybe it feels different than what’s going on for the other person.

So, I think the biggest one we’ve spoken to here is relationship style or that I had a partner, that I have another partner, and then I had a partner when we started our relationship and my vision was yeah, not necessarily a monogamous partnership, we’re not necessarily like one partner, and that was different than your vision. And so right from the beginning, it was like how do we fit into each other’s lives with this like explosive love, and, and more so and for the purpose of this podcast, like how do we feel safe in the journey of figuring that out or knowing that like, there’s not even an endpoint of figuring that out, but how do we keep evolving together? How do we keep aligning and being in partnership that feels like it is an expression of both of us and it is a co creation? And how do we feel safe in that evolution? Through these unknowns?”

BW: “Yes, yeah. I love what you just mentioned, and I feel like for me, it had reached this place where it was like, because we are maybe to go back to what you just said we started this relationship off with like, two very different relationship visions. And I think for me over time, I’d like to speak to one of the ways like I have felt unsafe or not free to express myself, and how that’s transformed. And that was feeling like I couldn’t share myself with you, feeling like I couldn’t share my dreams, or like talk about, and not even that I wanted you to adopt them, or like, feel like you had to change. But I just wanted you to know me, and really wanted to know myself, like because relationship offers us such a space of reflection. And so, as I was experiencing this new relationship that was bringing up a lot for me, it was giving me a lot of feedback on, Who am I in this? And, What feels safe for me? What do I feel like I need? What do I feel excited about? What do I love about our relationship? And also what do I feel like I am not getting in relationship, or just, want to be able to like talk about my dreams and talk about these things with you and have you, I want to feel curiosity from you about like, “What do you like?” or “What do you envision?”

Like yeah, and I don’t want to speak for you, but I think both of us, maybe, had felt like, there was a block there, like we couldn’t share the future. Yeah, like the other person feeling like we had to change or take it on. So it was like, okay, maybe I would share some things that I wanted and you would feel like, Oh, well, you’re saying you don’t want me, well, why don’t you find another partner? Like whatever could come up or trigger us in those times, I think we were really… and then because those triggers would come up, we kind of both started just like not sharing about the things that were like uncomfortable, or if we did share about them, it was more of a place of like, well, this has been repressed in me… I want to feel free and I want to be able to express myself!

And so yeah, I think that was for me, I started recognizing, I think I’ve just been really getting to know myself in this new way, after doing a lot of nervous system work, like I feel like too when our nervous system is constantly stimulated or activated, it’s hard for us to really see clearly or know ourselves. And so I came to this place of more of a ventral relaxed state and just really connecting with myself and really, like visualizing and really wanting to like dive deeper with Brittany. Just like growing as an individual, wanting to grow with you. I felt like oh, okay, I really want to share this with you, I really want us both, to feel safe enough to be able to have these conversations and to not feel like, to just be able to hear each other, like best friends, like we don’t want, I don’t want, you to change. I don’t want to change.. I mean we both want to co-create together, but we also want to be able to hear the other person entirely because also I think too like once we’re heard, there’s space to also let go and more room for co creation.”

BT: “Totally. Yeah. And we’ve talked about compassionate communication or nonviolent communication in past episodes. And it really is such a powerful skill and can feel so hard to practice in some moments where parts of us can feel like this other person is talking about me right now and saying I am or I’m not, but really, they’re just talking about themselves and they’re sharing their experience and the more we can hear them, and after so many conversations where parts of me, like, felt really scared or fearful or reacted from that space just recognizing, after all that was settled, what I really wanted was the deep intimacy of knowing you. And like, I loved finally getting to a place of realizing, well that’s the intimacy I want with you, and I want to be somebody who like knows the depths of you and we can co-create in whatever ways make sense from there.

But kind of like having, like, the fear became not knowing you, not like truly knowing you and having space and loving and supporting you, even more so, than the fear that I wasnt going to be able to be a part of your future dreams in whatever way.”

BW: “Yeah.”

BT: “I’m wondering if you want to dial it back for a minute, not back, but talk about a couple of things, like what is safety in a relationship, because I think some people might be wondering, I know everybody uses that word a little bit differently. And I thought maybe we could talk about what that feels like for us.”

BW: “Yeah. Do you want me to share first, or would you like to share?”

BT: “Go for it?”

BW: “Yeah, for me, it feels like feeling safe in my nervous system. And what that feels like, is that I feel relaxed in sharing myself with you. I feel calm and at ease and like you have space to hear me and love me and hold me, in that there’s like nothing I could bring to you that would… Yeah, cause you to push me away long term. Those moments of like, whoa, but, yeah, feels like, just ease in my nervous system where I feel really like held and cared for by you.”

BT: “Yeah, I love that.”

BW: “ I have, like, I’m able to bring and express all of myself.”

BT: “Yeah, yeah. Beautiful. Yeah, when I think about safety, safety to me feels like that calm, relaxed, present, feeling within my being and it’s a feeling, it’s the only feeling that I have experienced true intimacy being able to be birthed from. It’s like this feeling of trust, connectivity, a feeling of oneness, like with myself and like say if I’m, if I’m feeling safe within myself, I feel like at one with myself and whatever you want to call it, the universe, my inner being, I’m feeling like at peace at one… connected. And when I bring that to a relationship, if I feel that reflected back to me, then that’s what it feels like with you. It’s like, there is this deep trust. There’s a sense of knowing where we are like our nervous systems are grounded we feel really present in here. And we feel emotionally secure, like we can both be here and co-create together.”

BW: “Yeah.”

BT: “There’s not a sense of urgency, it’s like that’s a real sense of peace.”

BW: “Yeah,  and too and you’re sharing that it does it feels like co-regulation, like it feels like we can, yeah we can trigger each other, but we can also hold one another and like breathe together and soothe together and like, trust that that will be there, because I think that is what gets scary in relationships. Like, oh, I shared this thing that now we’re both activated and I feel unsafe, I feel like my defenses come up, I feel like my wounds come up. If we can soften in that space and really hold each other, then we get to transform and heal those wounds, rather than like perpetuate them.”

BT: “Yes.”

BW: “And so I think for me, like Yeah, being able to, to heal trauma rather than perpetuate it feels like one of the most safe things that I could attract in relationship and also like you mentioned like, that has to start like we have to feel safe within ourselves first. And I imagine both you and I have been doing a lot of self regulation, discovering how we feel safe within ourselves, what we need for that, and then getting to bring that together, where at the beginning of our relationship, I don’t think we really knew those things. And so also like, at this time, where we’re discovering what safety is within ourselves and in this relationship, I think this is also a new relationship for us. Like it feels like we’ve started a new relationship, it feels so fun to be starting this new season of this podcast, which I imagine will be all about, like what we’re experiencing in our relationship and how that’s transforming continuously. And that feels like creating this solid foundation of safety together.”

BT: “Yeah, yeah. I love that. The next question I wanted to hit on, we kind of just started hitting on, which is like how do you build trust and safety in a relationship? I love that you brought up co-regulation because I think that’s huge! And I, in coaching, especially in relationship coaching I do with clients, there can often be this feeling of like, that person is not safe or that relationships not safe. And it’s always a reminder to me when my system feels that way, is that this is a reflection of me in my inner world. And if a situation is not feeling safe, it’s a reflection that I’m not feeling safe within my own system. So I think one of the first ways to build trust and safety in a relationship, like you said, is to find that space within ourselves.

Because if we show up, like not regulated, there’s no way we can, like it would take a lot of work from the other person to help you feel regulated in that moment, which I think is a powerful practice, but to give yourself the best opportunity for success, like, regulate your own system first and find safety within yourself, learning what that even means for you. Everybody experiences it a little differently. Everybody has tools for where they find it; maybe in nature, in certain music and journaling and relaxation in whatever way, and then I think practicing bringing that vibe together because it was really cool. There was maybe a week or two, when you were in a certain part of your trauma healing program, where you were talking about your state, and this practice you were doing with maybe even journaling about recognizing what state you were in, how you were seeing the world, and then how that was like showing up in your relationships and how you were perceiving things.”

BW: “Yeah.”

BT: “And it’s so fascinating how we perceive things a certain way based on our state of being so if we don’t feel safe, we’re not going to feel safe in our relationship.”

BW: “Yeah. Yeah. I love that you mentioned that because it is it’s a mirror and the state of like how we view the world, or how we view the world as the state of our system. And so, yeah, if we’re in fight or flight constantly or activated, then everything around us is going to feel like a threat. And if we’re looking at the world or a relationship as a threat, we’re going to show up and like perpetuate that. And so, really making sure that, you know, what I’ve been practicing with Brittany is like it is yeah, like what state Am I in? How do I feel? Do I feel shut down? Do I feel relaxed or do I feel activated or triggered? And I know what tools like to use to bring me to more of that relaxation, and I can also share with Brittany “Hey, I’m in an activated space and I want to like co-regulate together.” And, you know, maybe we could just share like, like a simple way to co regulate or someone is really just to like breathe together, look into each other’s eyes, hold each other, whether that’s laying or sitting up or just start to like, match breaths, right because our system will start to drop into that parasympathetic or relaxed state. And it’s so much power more powerful when we’re doing it with another person. And also, you can self-regulate with breathing tools or journaling or nature whatever works for you. And then also, you know, ask for co-regulation, so maybe you’re feeling a little more grounded and safe before that but I feel like that’s been a big tool we’ve been using it’s like, Hey, I’m feeling activated.”

BT: “Oh, I love that you knew the other day you said I’m, not freeze, what did you call this state?”

BW: “Shutdown?”

BT: “Yeah, you’re in shutdown. And knowing that and knowing what you need when you’re in shutdown, and then me having that information, so helpful.”

BW: “And me, not just knowing what I need, but knowing how my system responds there,”

BT: “Right.”

BW: “Because like when someone’s in shutdown meaning like they’re not available, more in like a depressed state or it’s like, we can’t even like hear what’s going on. So like, if you’re trying to talk to me and I’m in a shutdown state, I think it’s helpful for you to know, hey, it’s not the time. Like maybe we could just like co-regulate a little bit or come back to this conversation, because if we keep perpetuating the state of the nervous system, we just create keep recreating the trauma in the relationship.

BT: “Yes. One other tool I want to mention for building safety and trust in relationships is compassionate communication and NVC and, Yeah, everybody’s a little different. Everybody has different love languages. Bridgette and I have learned some of our subtle differences in what helps us feel safe when we’re communicating, and some of that is physical touch, and some of that is how we speak to each other. And I know for me, receiving a certain type of communication when I’m feeling activated, or when I’m even just, when I’m wanting to feel more safe, can be really helpful, or if I’m in a vulnerable space and want to feel really heard in a certain way, that can be really helpful. So, I think the practice of really being able to hear someone and almost that like reflecting back what you heard them say, as opposed to them feeling like okay, they just heard this thing, like we shared before, now they’re activated, and they’re off thinking about what that means for them as opposed to just like really being here with me and what I just shared with you.”

BW: “Which that has been a huge practice for me. I love that we have these different tools that worked for us or, where Brittany, I think, is like compassionate communication and I am more like co-regulation or touch. And that has been a practice for me like learning how to reflect back to you and not react or get into like activated space. And it’s a practice, it’s like anything you practice, like, if I haven’t practiced regulating myself, when I’m holding space for my partner sharing hard stuff, I’m gonna be triggered, I’m gonna be activated, and I’m gonna respond from that space. But if like, I’m continuously practicing regulating myself, on my own, noticing where my nervous system is at, in those conversations with Brittany, it’s like, Oh, I’ve practiced this, I can be grounded here. I can hold space for her. I can communicate in the way that she wants to be communicated with and each time we show up and practice them more and more together, more safety is created, then these wounds are dispelled rather than perpetuated.”

BT: “Yeah, I love that. And likewise, with touch, it’s so, like it has been such a programed reaction in my system, when I’m sensing that Bridgette is activated, to recoil within myself, to literally like, hold myself, I’m doing it right now. And this feeling of like, wanting to almost like give her as much space as possible, because parts of me are fearing like, I fear that I’ve been rejected. I’m being abandoned. And in those spaces, I’ve learned Bridgette wants me to reach out to her, to offer her touch, to be present with her to show her that I’m here for her, that I’m not going somewhere just because she’s having a reaction right now, that I can be here loving her and that, like a lot of the time, before I understood this difference, I would be reaching out with words and my body would be recoiling. And so, like what would be effective for maybe parts of me was actually having the opposite effect for Bridgette.”

BW: “Yeah, yeah, cause like, Brittany would show up, wanting to hold space really well, doing a great job with communication, but she, I could feel her energy recoil, then my body is like, well, but you’re not here, like you’re not…”

BT: “Yeah.”

Bw: “And I think a big part of touch for me is I get that co-regulation. So, if I’m feeling like unsafe or just had a big conversation, I’m just maybe needing to be held. And I think for a lot of people being touched like on the spine, the sacrum like that is our nervous system. Our spine is our nervous system. So I think really being held in that way feels really safe for me.”

BT: “Yeah. This kind of this really goes right into my next question, which is what helps you feel safe in our relationship? What helps each of us feel safe?”

BW: “Yeah. Those things that we just talked about for sure. Like for me being held, being touched, feeling your energy, really here with me, physically. And the practice, the practice of being able to talk about these things and feeling it get easier and easier over time and that we’re committed to showing up and doing it and yeah, but it can also be fun. Yeah. And… what makes me feel safe? Expressing myself, feeling like you have space to hear my dreams, that you’re curious about me, and yeah, just like what excites me and delights me, like being able to, yeah, get turned on about life and share that with you.”

BT: “Yes.”

BW: “What about you?”

BT: “I love all those. Well, I’ll just go off of those, instead of repeating them, definitely feel all those so much. You know, actually, I feel really safe in our relationship when you’re taking care of yourself. That’s something I noticed. That’s one of the first and that’s always come up for me in partnership as far back as I can remember, when somebody would be feeling like, well, what can I do for you? And one of my first responses would always be just like, just take care of yourself. Like when you feel good and in your flow and grounded and loving life I feel safer. And I think the same things for me, I feel safe in relationship when I’m taking care of myself and I feel in my flow and grounded and then when we co-create from that space, it’s just amazing.

Yeah, I think when we kind of going off of that, when we have a realistic understanding of what we are and aren’t available for in any given moment, I feel safe. So for example, I feel safer if, say I start talking about something and Bridgette says, hey, you know, I love you, but I’m recognizing I’m not resourced for this conversation right now, and I’d love to table it and check back in when I’m feeling more available for it, because I really want to be here for you and for us. That feels so safe for me. When Bridgette knows herself. And when I know myself in that way, or when, like I’m getting into something and start realizing like Hey, I think I’m actually just feeling a little chaotic right now. And this actually isn’t the best time to talk about this.”

BW: “Yeah.”

BT: “Tt’s like this foresight. You know, you’ve had enough experience to know.

Creating regular time to connect. I know we talked about this in some episode, I think in our last season.”

BW: “Yeah.”

BT: “But we’ve been creating I mean, we create regular time to connect anyway, but we have a weekly date, where we have special connection time that we can always look forward to and we have a number of different practices that we can do in that space together.”

BW: “Yeah, it feels like an intentional hour of like yeah, doing more of these type of practices, like just like practicing connecting and sharing deeper levels of intimacy.”

BT: “Yeah. When Bridgette holds space for me and doesn’t make it about her. I feel safe, which is a huge practice to ask somebody of. And, for the parts of our system, maybe in the past let’s say, that it felt like some blame, I really recognize I don’t feel that anymore. So, like to really show up and feel like I don’t feel any blame, or like I’m not saying this is about you, I just want you to hear me. And when we can both show up with that and then Bridgette can really hear me and know its not about her. That um, it’s such a deep practice, that’s really compassionate communication and I feel so safe when we’re practicing that.

When you celebrate me thriving in my life, my relationships, my successes. And when you support me and trust that I’m choosing whatever makes sense for me in my life, without maybe thinking like, oh, I would do it differently, so she’s doing it wrong, not that I think you think that, but like that’s, um, I feel really safe. And then this other one that I noticed about me is like when I sense that you are seeing the world really compassionately, and through a loving lens, I feel safe. I noticed this about my system when I’m in connection with somebody and they’re kind of like angry or not understanding a situation or kind of, like other-ing, I can call it other-ing people, like basically not having compassion and understanding what somebody could have been experiencing. I feel unsafe, because my system senses like, oh, this person could do this about me too. Or just like I want to be surrounded by compassion and compassionate perspectives about the world.”

BW: “Yeah, yeah. I love that. And also, that person’s system is activated.”

BT: “Yeah.”

BW: “Yeah. And when we’re around an activated nervous system, like our nervous systems feed off eachother. So, I imagine there’s something of that sort, also playing into the way you’re feeling, like not feeling safe.”

BT: “Totally.”

BW: “Like if someone else is feeling activated. I think that’s a great practice too, in relationship, like, for me has been like, if I’m activated, and I can’t, I don’t feel like I can ground with Brittany, it’s not helpful for me to be around her, because I’m gonna like, I don’t want to put that on her or vice versa. Like I think that’s been another thing that’s helped us feel safe, is just yeah, like really taking care of ourselves first. Like you mentioned, like when I’m taking care of myself, you’re taking care of yourself…I feel safe. I think that’s true for everyone. I love all those, those are so beautiful.

BT: “Yeah, thank you. Yeah. I think like we’ve kind of shared some stories throughout here, but I’ve just been thinking like overall, are there any, like stories that come to mind that would be a cool like way to, to share this or any like, any things that you’d like to highlight that we’re doing differently now that we haven’t really hit on that’s made a change for us and, and before you answer that, I just want to say like, this is a constant practice, and a constant evolution for me. And I’m still learning how to feel regularly safe, within myself, while I’m in connection because it’s way easier, like when I’m alone with myself, but then to bring that into an intimate connection. It’s such a practice. So, if you’re listening and you feel like there’s some idea that like we’ve reached some peak of safety… it’s like, we’re continually practicing this. So yeah, that’s, that’s the point of this podcast is to share what’s working for us and to share inspiring stories.”

BW: “Yeah, I feel like I kind of already touched on this one, which was, maybe I can speak to it a little more clearly, but having done so much work, these last… like maybe like, since the beginning of the year, really immersing myself in this study, in this program, and feeling like I know myself better than ever, and being able to bring that to our relationship and to start to share about it, with all the things we’re talking about, like knowing how you want to be communicated with like, while also knowing myself and my nervous system and your nervous system like as we’ve been practicing more of these tools for co-regulation and safety. One thing that comes to mind was just like the conversation we had a few weeks ago on our bed, when I was just like sharing with you that I want you to know me and want you to know my dreams and that I want to feel safe in expressing that with you. I think that was a powerful shift for me. And, and continues to be because since then, since I felt that safety and that welcoming in that opening from you. I feel like I just feel excited to connect with you and excited to share with you and so that that does feel like a huge thing that’s happened for me, personally.”

BT: “Yeah, I love that. I think that is creating deep safety for both of us, this feeling that like we can share our dreams with one another and that we can really move forward with all of ourselves, like bring all of ourselves here. And I think being open to whatever that looks like is really important, without this idea of like fear, fear of like, will we be able to be X,Y,Z… but rather caring more about like, I want to be here with all of you, whatever that looks like.”

BW: “Yeah, really embracing each other.”

BT: “Yeah,”

BW: “That embrace feels really, really safe and beautiful for me.”

BT: “Yeah, for me, too. Thanks B.”

BW: “Yeah, I love you so much. So much.”

BT: “I think we’re gonna close this out and also we want to mention if you haven’t done so already, and you’d like to rate our podcast, as it turns out, this is a way that we can reach more people, which is work that we really believe in. And yes, you can go on whatever platform you’re listening on. And there’s a rating scale and you can leave a comment if you’d like. You can also subscribe, share this podcast with somebody who you think could benefit from it.

BW: “Yeah, we’d love we’d love to hear your feedback. Yeah, we would. Thanks for being here. I’m excited for the season. Excited to keep connecting with you and sharing about our relationship.”

BT: “Yeah, me too. Okay. Bye.”

BW: “Bye.”


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Bridgette Wolleat – Bridgette is a holistic health practitioner and nutritional therapist and specializes in auto immune, hormonal imbalances and digestive health.
Brittany Taylor – Brittany is a life coach specializing in relationships and individual empowerment, focusing on finding internal and attracting external alignment.

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