Moon Cycle Magic

Reconnecting with our Sacred Womb Space and Intuitive Power

with Bridgette Wolleat & Brittany Taylor

Welcome To The Program!

We are so honored to be along for this journey with you.

We have had such an amazing time dreaming up and bringing Moon Cycle Magic to life. It has been a vision of both of ours for many years to create a program that could support others in their ever-evolving journey with their cycle, incorporating tools and resources that have changed our lives. We are looking forward to supporting you in your journey!
-Bridgette & Brittany

Program Contents

Check out the Table of Contents to get a sense for what this program includes. To navigate to each section, you can click on the main section heading, or use the navigation menu at the top of this page. Each of the seven parts of this program has its own separate page, which has an additional navigation menu on it to help you find your way through the subsections and exercises.

Table of Contents

Part I: Welcome to Moon Cycle Magic

Video: Welcome to Moon Cycle Magic
About The Program
Structure of The Program
Journal Exercise: What Do I Hope to Gain From This Program?

Part II: Creating a New Relationship with Your Cycle

Video: Sharing Our Experiences
Journal Exercise: Reflecting On My Relationship with My Cycle
What is A Cycle?
Journal Exercise: Envisioning A More Aligned Future Relationship With My Cycle

Part III: Understanding Your Cycle

The Four Phases of Our Cycle with Bridgette
Video: The Four Phases of Our Cycle
Journal Exercise: Checking in With MyInternal World
Charting Your Cycle
Primary Fertility Signs
Secondary Fertility Signs
How to Chart Your Cycle
Video: How to Chart Your Cycle with Brittany
Experiential Exercise: Charting My Cycle
More Resources for Charting

Part IV: Nurturing Your Cycle

The Menstruation Phase
The Follicular Phase
The Ovulation Phase
The Luteal Phase
Supporting Your Cyclical Nature
Video: Nurturing Your Cycle
Caring for Our Moon Cycle During Menstruation: Resources

Journal Exercise: Nurturing Myself During My Cycle
Experiential Exercise: Adopting One New Self Care Practice

Part V: Celebrating Your Cycle

How to Sync Your Cycle with the Moon
New Moon Rituals
New Moon Meditation
Full Moon Rituals
Full Moon Meditation
Other Rituals to Celebrate Your Cycle
Experiential Exercise: Celebrating My Cycle with Dance
Journaling Prompts for Each Cycle Phase

Part VI: Resources

Part VII: Thank You!

Video: Thank You and About Us
More Ways to Connect with Bridgette and Brittany

Companion Guide

The Moon Cycle Magic Program now comes with the Companion Guide.

Enjoy this beautifully created, easy-to-follow guide for how to nurture your cycle during each phase, which will offer you condensed highlights of the program. 

The intention of this guide is to offer you wisdom and tools about the four phases of your moon cycle, which you can print out our keep on your laptop and mobile device, and have with you wherever you go. Each section will share a general synopsis about what is occurring at this time, suggested nourishment, herbs, recipes, seed cycling, and movement.

Technical Things

To access this program in the future, you will need to follow these steps:

Log in to your account.
Navigate to this home page.
From here you can navigate to whatever part of the program you are on, using the navigation menu at the top of this page and every page in the program.

If you have any technical questions about the program, please email

Want More Support?

If you are wanting specialized support in growing in your relationship with your moon cycle, or other physical, mental or spiritual practices in your daily life, learn more about booking a session with Bridgette or Brittany.

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