Moon Cycle Magic

Reconnecting with our Sacred Womb Space and Intuitive Power

with Bridgette Wolleat & Brittany Taylor

Congratulations on setting the intention to create a new relationship with your cycle and for taking the steps to make that a reality. We are excited for you, wherever you are in your journey, and will continue to celebrate with you, knowing that growth, in this realm and all realms, is an ever-unfolding process. In the final section of this program, we are eager to share with you ways that you can celebrate your cycle on an even deeper level. 

The offerings in this section are intended to inspire you to sync up with your inner moon cycle, the outer moon cycle, to play with new rituals that sound fun for you to try on, and to create your own rituals! We invite you to tune into you and to create from an intuitive place, whether practicing one of the rituals offered below, making up one of your own, or developing something that has already been a part of your life in a more deliberate way.

How to Sync Your Cycle with the Moon

Our cycles have aligned with the phases of the moon since the birth of humankind. When we would ovulate with the full moon and bleed with the new moon, it was named a white moon cycle. The full moon is linked to ovulation because it is the most fertile time in nature, just as ovulation is the most fertile time in our bodies. The burst of extra light from the full moon is helpful for fertilizing plants and crops, and the ocean tides are higher. Nature is fertile and renewed by the full moon energy. 

However, some do bleed with the full moon and ovulate with the new moon, which is called a red moon cycle. This doesn’t mean we are less attuned to the moon. In fact, historically, these women were the witches and healers of the community. 

There is no “right” way to cycle and there is no need to try and force our bodies to cycle in any certain way, but rather to allow the ebb and flow of our bodies’ natural rhythms, which are always changing. We may find ourselves bleeding and ovulating shifting throughout the year with the phases of the moon. So, if you find that your cycle seems to be somewhere in between the new and full moon, that is great too and perfectly aligned for wherever you are. What matters most is that we are attuned to our own cycle. If we are cycling regularly, then our cycle is in a healthy state of flow. 

Here are some rituals we invite you to play around with to sync up with your cycle. Utilize with whatever resonates with you and your body. 

Moon Bathing
Get outside every night and look at the moon, bask in the light and notice where it is. If it is not feasible to get out under the moon each night, you can also use a moon phase app or moon phase calendar, such as this one: The Moon: Calendar Moon Phases. This can help you start to relate to the moon on a daily basis and begin your moon connection magic. 

Light Pollution and Sleep
We used to be only exposed to the light of the sun, the moon, or the light of a fire, which helped us sync up with nature’s rhythms of light and darkness. Nowadays, with the use of electric light, which can exist at any time of day or night, our natural rhythms have become altered. 

The biggest place we tend to experience a lot of artificial light during a time of natural darkness is from a screen, such as cell phones, computers, and televisions, which emit blue light. Blue light compromises our pineal gland’s ability to make melatonin, which can throw off our ovulatory rhythm and cause dysregulation within our cycle and hormonal system. 

If it sounds fun to you, we invite you to try increasing your exposure to natural light and limiting your exposure to artificial light. Here are some ways you can play around with that.


  • Limit blue light exposure by not using screens after sunset. You can use an app called flux on your phone and computer, which changes the blue light to a warm orange glow. 
  • Sleep in a dark room. The darker your bedroom is, the more melatonin your body will likely produce. Black out curtains are great if you live somewhere with a lot of light pollution. 
  • During the full moon, let the moonlight come in through your window, especially if you’re aiming to sync your time of ovulation with the full moon.
  • Get outside during the day, especially when it is sunny. Getting enough sunlight during the day allows you to sync up with your natural circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm being the natural daily flow of nature. So, going to bed with the sun and waking with the sun, would be a way to sync up with that daily flow. Sleeping with our circadian rhythm also optimizes the regeneration of our organs and hormonal system. 
  • Try using fewer lights in your home, relying upon light from the sun coming in through the windows during the day. In the evening, if you are wanting light indoors, try out a softer light such as salt lamps or LED string lights.

Moon Charting
By tracking and charting your cycle (as explained in Part III of this program), while simultaneously paying attention to the phases of the moon, you can begin to bring awareness to being a cyclical being, just like the moon! Take note of the section dedicated to tracking the lunar cycle on your chart and mark where the full and new moon fall for you every cycle.

Moon Rituals
Full moon rituals are so fun and particularly powerful to incorporate. The moon has a 28-day cycle, just like the average length of our menstrual cycle (although we can still have healthful cycles that are shorter or longer than this). Each moon has its own significant energies within that 28 day period, as do we. There may be things that we are moving through energetically and emotionally that correlate with the moon’s energies.

New Moons are a time of new beginnings. They are a time of embracing new ideas, thoughts, projects and the changes we wish to invite into our lives. The new moon is a time of seeding new intentions and dreams. This is a great time to begin anew and to remember that rebirth and renewal is always happening. This is a time to check in with ourselves and let go of what is no longer in alignment with our purpose and desires. By setting the intention to let go of what is no longer serving us, we make space to bring in the things we want. Here are some of our favorite new moon rituals.

New Moon Intention Setting

  • Write down all of your desires, intentions and dreams. Get as specific as you can, allowing your imagination to run wild. 
  • Light a candle, burn palo santo or sage and then read your list aloud.
  • Read this list as often as you would like until the full moon and then release the energy on the full moon with a full moon ritual.

New Moon Rebirth Bath

  • Set your new moon intentions. 
  • Run a bath and add epsom salts, your favorite essential oils or herbs.
  • Light candles and place crystals around your bath.
  • Upon entering the bath, visualize a renewal of your energy and allow that energy to infuse you with your soak.

New Moon Meditation
In the following meditation, Bridgette guides you in a new moon meditation. Both versions have the same guiding words below. Feel free to choose the version with music, or without.
New Moon Meditation (with music) 
New Moon Meditation (no music)

Full Moons bring a powerful energy into our lives. They offer illumination, clarity, focus, releasing and a time to celebrate. The full moon is a time to bring awareness to what is no longer working on our path, honor it, celebrate it and then release it. Here are some of our favorite full moon rituals.

Full Moon Release

  1. Clear your space and energy by burning sage. Sage is used to cleanse a space of negative energy, to generate wisdom, clarity, and promote healing. 
  2. Write down all that you wish to release, including thoughts, behaviors, emotions, and relationship patterns. 
  3. Get out under the full moon light, place your bare feet on the earth, and read your list aloud. You can also sit by the window, or visualize the full moon light if you don’t have access to it. 
  4. Burn your list and give thanks to the moon.

Full Moon Charging
The illumination of the full moon brings a powerful time to recharge and restore energy to your body, crystals, pendants, water, tea, tarot cards, or other magical possessions. You can use the light of the moon to cleanse and renew the things that have been blocking the flow of energy. Sit in meditation and visualize the moonlight moving through you and clearing you of these energies. You can then place your items outside or on a window sill to bathe in the moonlight overnight.

Full Moon Meditation
In the following meditation, Bridgette guides you in a new moon meditation. Both versions have the same guiding words below. Feel free to choose the version with music or without.
Full Moon Meditation (with music)
Full Moon Meditation (no music)

Other Rituals to Celebrate Your Cycle 

Meditation – Meditation is a great way to connect with ourselves and reset. There are a lot of ways we can go about meditating. We can choose to sit somewhere silently, we can lay down, we can connect with our breath or the sounds of nature, we can chant or use a mantra, or we can choose to walk or dance, creating a movement meditation. We can meditate with a guide, either in person or through a recording. This is a great practice to continually cultivate, and can be done in moments, minutes, or hours, whatever is calling to us.

Walk in Nature – Nature is a beautiful, healing space to find our alignment. There is not much we need to do to feel the magic of what we can receive here. By simply getting our bare feet on the earth, immersing ourselves in the trees, bathing in earth’s waters, sitting beside a fire, listening to the sound of a river or the wind blowing through the leaves or the silence of the snow, by simply being while in our natural human atmosphere, we receive the re-centering and deepening of connection we need. 

Journaling – Writing can be a great tool to help us connect with ourselves. Whatever we are feeling, and whatever intention we want to be creating, writing can offer us a space of expression, self- reflection, and creativity. If you are wanting to connect with yourself more deeply, we invite you to create a cozy space to put pen to paper and see what comes through you.

Tarot or Spiritual Decks – Drawing from a Tarot or other Spiritual Deck is a beautiful way to tap into our inner wisdom, with Spirit along for the ride. If you have never played around with tarot or other spiritual decks, we recommend trying them out sometime. Here is our favorite tarot book and the accompanying tarot deck.

Create a Vision Board – Creating a vision board is a great way to intentionally create a visual aid for your personal growth. You can create a board with a specific topic in mind, such as your health or your home space, or you can create a board having to do with all aspects of your life. You can use images from magazines, photographs, or print outs. You can also choose to digitally create a collage as your vision board. We invite you to set an intention and have fun choosing images that inspire you, bringing them together however feels right. (Here is an example of a digital vision board and a physical vision board).

Period Sex – Some find that they are turned on during the time of their menstrual flow while others may find that they are more quiet and contemplative. Perhaps you are turned on and contemplative. Wherever you are at the time of menstruation, we invite you to ask yourself if creating space to connect with yourself or another sexually may feel aligned and nurturing for you. When aligned, we have found this to be a great time to celebrate intimacy and being turned on, growing closer with ourselves and/or another through the celebration of sharing our beautiful bodies and souls at this time. You can check out our favorite sex blanket to use while bleeding here.

V- Steam – Vaginal steaming is a practice that has been used for a long time by many cultures. Some of the many benefits of v-steaming include reducing cramps, boosting fertility, reducing stress, and spreading warmth and connection to our vaginal and womb spaces. You can v-steam with a special seat created for this practice, or you can squat over a steaming pot of herbs and wrap a towel or sarong around you, using props like blocks and blankets to hold you up in a comfortable way. If you are wanting to learn more about v-steaming, we invite you to check out Steamy Chick (who also sells v-steam devices on her website). You can also try out a device like this v-steam.

Video: Celebrating Your Cycle

In this video Bridgette and Brittany share about ways they enjoy celebrating their cycles with some of these rituals.

Experiential Exercise: Celebrating My Cycle with Dance

TIME: 3-5 sessions 

We love dancing. We love the creative space that it allows us to tap into. We love the fluidity and inspiration that dance brings to our lives. 

We invite you to exercise your ability to embody the feminine, fluid properties of water by flowing to a song or songs of your choosing. Create a nurturing space for yourself, close your eyes, feel your body, feel the rhythm, and dance in ways that move you. Feel yourself surrender to the sound. Allow whatever emotions and thoughts come forth to move through you as you celebrate your body in this beautiful way. 

If you are wanting song recommendations, we invite you to check out this Moon Cycle Playlist Bridgette has created on Spotify.

Journal Prompts for Each Cycle Phase

During each phase of your cycle, we invite you to use the following journal prompts to bring awareness and intentions to each phase of your cycle. You can also use these at the end of the moon meditations included in this program. 

Inner Winter // New Moon Prompts
What can I let go of?
What new seeds of intention am I planting?
Where do I want to put focus during this moon cycle?
What is my heart desiring?
How can I give myself more compassion and self love?
What does my wise inner being want me to know?

Inner Spring // Waxing Moon Prompts
What do I want to make happen this cycle?
What new opportunities or projects do I feel called to begin?
What are some positive affirmations that resonate with me?
What are my top three business priorities right now?
What are my top three personal priorities right now?
How can I show up this week and honor my priorities?
How can I move my business forward in alignment with my new energy? 

Inner Summer // Full Moon Prompts
What can I celebrate right now?
What or who am I grateful for?
What does the concept of “open hearted” mean to me?
What do I desire right now?
What do I want to receive right now?
What do I want to give right now?
How can I slow down and trust that everything I am manifesting and creating is already on its way?

Inner Autumn // Waning Moon Prompts
What is no longer working or no longer serving me? What can I release?
What fears or limiting beliefs am I holding?
What projects or conversations are draining my energy? What can I bring to completion?
How can I surrender?
What are my needs? What is mine to take responsibility for and what can I let go of because it is not mine? Where do I need to stand firm and set a boundary?
What fears are manifesting for me right now?
What is my inner critic saying to me? What is the underlying message?


However you choose to care for yourself during your cycle, we encourage you to celebrate it. The celebration of you has been the dominant intention of this program with the information and tools as an offering to inspire you to try on new ways of connecting with yourself and your beautiful, expansive, cyclical nature. We are excited for you to try out some of the rituals in this section and practices from all the sections as we are confident they will profoundly enhance your life.

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