Moon Cycle Magic

Reconnecting with our Sacred Womb Space and Intuitive Power

with Bridgette Wolleat & Brittany Taylor

Moon Cycle Magic Has a New Home!


We are excited to share that Moon Cycle Magic has migrated to a new platform! We would love to give you access to the program on the new site (now hosted on Brittany’s site).

AND we want to give you a FREE Moon Cycle Magic Companion Guide.

Follow These Instructions
1. Follow this link
2. Add the product to your cart.
3. Enter discount code mcm313 at checkout
4. “Purchase” the program and companion guide for FREE
5. Complete the checkout process, which will help you create an account to access the program.
6. Navigate to the MCM program home page to download the companion guide and begin the program.

Questions? Technical Diffiiculties? 
Email us at

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