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Thank you so much for your support and for sharing in this special journey with us. Nude and clothed photos will be added to this gallery throughout our pregnancy.

On January 21st, 2019, about half way through pregnancy, I (Brittany) felt inspired to create a photo gallery, where I could share my pregnancy journey with the world, through pictures, both nude and clothed, which shared the physical changes this experience is bringing along for me, as well as capturing the energetic unfoldings. 

Nearly all of these pictures have been taken by me (there are a few taken by Conor, which I note down below). I really love being my own photographer and model. There is an intimacy and authenticity to the space I feel I can create in this while in deep connection with myself this way. For these photo shoots, I generally set up my iPhone 8-plus on my tripod and record a self-facing video, which I later pull screen shots from to create these images. I edit them directly on my phone as well, using the simple editor, which comes installed in the iPhone photo area. 

I hope you enjoy.

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5 Weeks

Reflections & Resources from 5 Weeks
It was fun to take this first round of pregnancy photos! I remember thinking at the time that my body already felt and looked different and that I wished I had had a baseline photo from a month before, when I was really in the heart of my regular health practices, feeling stronger and more in my body. I love that these pictures are exactly as they are, though. They are real and they are the visual representation of that new beginning.

It’s cool to look back and see how small my breasts still were, even though they felt as though they had already grown! The pictures are not very good quality, as the lighting and setup was not great, though I notice it not bothering me. These pictures were taken by me in our apartment in Austin, TX.

The beginning of pregnancy was exciting and overwhelming for me, with the emphasis being on overwhelming. I suspected I was pregnant early on, about 16 days into my luteal phase, and also found myself feeling anxious each day as I took my body temperature in the morning, hoping that my temperature was still high (which would continue to confirm I was pregnant). A few days later I stopped taking my temperature, realizing I was totally pregnant, and that if that changed I would know and that the anxiety created by taking my temperature was not worthwhile. I still had some worry around if the pregnancy was here to stay, but mostly I felt sure that it was and began to sync into the notion that I was pregnant.

Shortly after that, I started to feel nauseous. Really nauseous. And exhausted. Basically all the time. And that persisted from around 5 or 6 weeks to 10 weeks for me, really not tapering off more fully until around 13 weeks. Besides feeling totally overwhelmed by the physical symptoms of the new changes in my body, I was also feeling emotionally overwhelmed! I know my changing hormones played a huge part in this, as well as the energetic space clearing that was going on. It felt like a real upheaval of sorts, and the more I tuned into it, the more I realized how valuable and important it was to be with every piece of the discomfort as it was arising.

If you are interested in hearing more of reflections, which pertain to this time in my pregnancy, check out the podcast episodes below:

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12 Weeks

Reflections & Resources from 12 Weeks
These pictures were taken in Austin, TX, in our apartment. I remember feeling like it was important to take a 12 week update, and also not feeling super into doing a photo shoot at the time. I was mostly just wanting to rest and rejuvenate, being so exhausted and overwhelmed for so many weeks and finally feeling like I was coming out of it. Here are a few images I did capture from my 12th week. 

If you are interested in hearing more of my 13-week reflections, check out the podcast episode, which pertains to this time following one of the links below:
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16 Weeks

Reflections & Resources from 16 Weeks
At 16 weeks when I took these pictures, I remember feeling like my belly was really popping! Though after taking the pictures and looking at them, it felt like it somehow got lost in translation. I can definitely see the difference, though it felt much more dramatic than it looks in these images. In my breasts, however, you can really see the difference! They had definitely doubled in size by this time, if not more! 

I also remember feeling quite happy on this day. I was enjoying the space of taking these pictures, and was feeling lively and excited. These pictures were taken by me in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in our apartment.

At this time in pregnancy, I was feeling energized, happy, and so grateful to have more gusto and a desire to move my body, after how I had felt in previous weeks. I was practicing acrobatics, handstands, yoga, preparing for our Thailand Retreat event, and getting lots of Thai massage.

If you are interested in hearing more of my 16-week reflections, which include pregnancy weight gain, body image, and exercise, check out the podcast episode below.
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21 Weeks

Reflections & Resources from 21 Weeks
I really enjoyed taking pictures this week, and after seeing how beautiful the ones with the kimono came out, I’m eager to experiment more with that in the future. During this photo shoot, I felt sensual, present, and embodied. It feels so liberating and empowering to be my own photographer and model at the same time. 

This is also the week that I felt the inspiration to create this photo gallery and launched it to the public. I imagine moving forward, I will have more images, with more variety to share with you all. I am eager to see and feel out how it all unfolds. 

There are so many exciting new experiences, which have unfolded in the last 5 weeks. I’ve been feeling Jaja move so often, colostrum has been coming out of my nipples, my sex drive has been quite high, and I’ve been feeling really happy and excited about life and pregnancy and all the things!

Also, my belly finally feels like it is popping! That’s a major physical change that’s taken place over the last couple weeks. Before, I felt like sometimes I looked pregnant, and sometimes I just looked bloated, and now, even when my digestive tract is empty, I think I look pregnant. 

If you are interested in hearing more of my 21-week reflections, check out the podcast episode, which pertains to this time following one of the links below:
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25 Weeks

Reflections & Resources from 25 Weeks

I took these pictures two weeks after arriving back in Austin, TX, when I was 25 weeks pregnant. Since getting back to the states, I’ve had the feeling that my belly has really popped, and I feel like I’ve traditionally envisioned when imagining a semi-pregnat person.

I felt pretty great the day I took these pictures. The light was coming in the window nicely that morning, and it felt good to bathe my body in it (although in hindesight I recognize that it gave some of the pics a washed out feel). It felt fun to ask Conor if he wanted to take some pictures together, and we enjoyed celebrating the milestone.

I feel that through this process of self-photography, I’m becoming more comfortable with being me, and the many forms that can take on. I like the playfulness and creativity that this space offers, and notice feeling relaxed about sharing different poses and expressions embodied in moments of “being seen” by the camera and by you, without an attachment to them, and without fear about how they could be interpreted. I also feel that this process offers me a space to appreciate my changing body, which is always welcomed as this can at times feel challenging for parts of me that have old stories and ideas about what my body “should” look like.

One week later, at 26 weeks, I recorded a podcast with a pregnancy update, plus shared a list of unexpected pregnancy things that I’ve experienced. Feel free to check it out if you are interested.
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30 Weeks

Reflections & Resources from 30 Weeks

Conor took these pictures of me at 30 weeks pregnant, in the height of bluebonnet season in Austin, TX on a trail at Blunn Creek. It felt so special and right to be surrounded by the bright blue color and fragrance of these flowers, which draw photographers from near and far to take pictures of each year. I loved squatting down in them in particular and gently running my hands over them.

This photoshoot felt like a big deal to me because it was the first time in a long time that I asked someone else to take my picture. I love photoshoots and also notice feeling parts of me that feel anxious about the outcome when I know that I have one coming up. What comes up for me mostly is a feeling that after the shoot when I look at the pictures it may be hard for me to stay in a loving, appreciative space towards my body as I view it in front of me. If I am taking my own photos (mostly screen shots from videos I take), I feel like I have more control over the moments that are captured.

I am grateful for this edge-pushing space and the opportunity to love my body exactly as it is in each moment. This is such a special journey to be on and definitely one that I want to capture visually. It feels like an extra gem to be able to experience such self-growth along the way, in my journey with body image, self-understanding, and the welcoming of ever-more love.

One kind of amusing element to share is that this photoshoot ended before we captured our last few shots into a wooded area as I stepped on glass. I had been so conscious of not stepping on cactus with my bare feet that I completely missed the man-made trash. I was totally fine, though a bit messy, so we decided to wrap up there. 

I have not recorded a podcast since 26 weeks, though I have a few planned for the near future. Meanwhile, Conor and I have shared a few updates on our two YouTube channels and I continue to share my pregnancy journey on my Instagram account.

35 Weeks

Reflections & Resources from 35 Weeks

Having a yoga practice, and regulary (nearly daily) stretching routine during pregnancy was such a key element for me to feel embodied. There were a couple of times I missed my stretching time in the morning and felt all discombobulated, plus notieced soreness creeping into my lower back. I generally have had a morning stretching routine, so it was easy to continue throughout pregnancy, making small adjustmensts for my growing belly and changing body as I went along. Here is a glimpse into that sweet, morning space that I love. 

36 Weeks

Reflections & Resources from 36 Weeks

At 36 weeks pregnant, it was starting to feel like the real deal. I remember feeling like it was really a time for me to drop in on a deeper level to my inner world. During this time, I planned a solo journey (my “maiden voyage”), and special time away with Conor as well. I rented an Airbnb space for a few nights outside of Austin, TX, and enjoyed sacred self time and time connecting with Jaja. Some of the activites I enjoyed were meditating, making love with myself, making a MILF vision board, having a fire, walking in nature, journaling, singing, dancing, writing to Jaja, reflecting and setting intentions.

I recorded a podcast about my experience during this time, which you can listen to here if you are interested. 

37 Weeks (The day Ilya began to come earthside) 

Reflections & Resources from 37 Weeks and Ilya's Birth

The top row of pictures were taken just before my “labor” began. I had arrived at the springs with my partner, Bridgette, after a morning of ecstatic dance, and we realized that we didn’t have many pictures of us together with me being noticably pregnant and decided to do a photo shoot. Just in time!

After that, I went home, told Conor I thought we were going to have a baby today and could he take some 37 week photos for me. 

The pictures after that are ones that Conor snapped of me during Ilya’s transition earthside. 

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First Week Postpartum

Reflections & Resources from Postpartum

Postpartum has been such a special journey filled with all the feels, as I have aclimated to life in a new body, with a new baby. All these pictures were taken during my first week of postpartum life. It was surprising to me to see how quickly my womb and other organs shifted back to their non-pregnant homes. 

To hear about some of my early reflections on the postpartum journey, check out this podcast episode

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