Moon Cycle Magic

Reconnecting with our Sacred Womb Space and Intuitive Power


with Bridgette Wolleat & Brittany TayloR

Tap Into Your Deep Inner Wisdom

We find it so crazy that not many of us were taught how to have a healthy relationship with our cycle. If we had been passed on the sacredness, beauty, power and ancient knowledge of our womb space, how might our lives be different?  We are so excited to have created a program that does just that- helps us rebuild a healthy relationship and understand the beauty, power and magic of our cyclical nature.

What Does the Program Cover?


  • Creating a new relationship with your cycle
  • Understanding the four phases of your cycle
  • Charting and tracking your cycle and fertility
  • Nurturing your cycle with movement, nutrition, herbs, and self care practices
  • Celebrating your cycle with fun rituals and exercises

Gain Access To…


6 Sections of Moon Magic

Each section will guide you on a deep journey of understanding the power of your cyclical and intuitive nature. 


7 Videos

Bridgette & Brittany guide you along the way with in-depth videos.


8 Exercises

Put what you are learning to practice with exercises designed especially to guide you along your own unique journey inward.

2 Guided Meditaitons

Bridgette guides you in meditations for both the new and full moons.

Sacred Rituals

Put all that you are learning into practice with powerful rituals to harness the power and magic of your womb space.

You Are Not Alone

Join Bridgette & Brittany as they dive into this intimate topic together, sharing wisdom and personal experience.

Moon Cycle Magic – Get Started Now!



We have had such an amazing time dreaming up and bringing Moon Cycle Magic to life. It has been a vision of both of ours for many years to create a program that could support others in their ever-evolving journey with their cycle, incorporating tools and resources that have changed our lives.

We are looking forward to supporting you in your journey!

-Bridgette & Brittany

“This program provides such a nurturing space and excellent guidance by Bridgette and Brittany for much needed healing within us around our relationships with our moon cycles.”

More About The Program…

The purpose of this program is to offer you insight and tools that will help you connect with your body’s cyclical nature and natural rhythms on a deeper level than perhaps you knew possible. When we connect with our intuitive nature, we connect with the power of the universe, which is truly magical in its ability to manifest anything and everything. In connecting with this magic around our moon cycle, we harness the power within us to create in all the ways that we desire. With this clean flow of energy, we can live a life of abundance that really feels like magic in action. 

In this program, we offer ways to tap into this intuitive space within, so that all we create may be birthed from a space of magic: the magic of the eternal ebb, flow and flood of our womb space, and the magical ability to bring creation into physical form. From here, we have the power to influence energies with supernatural forces and the power to influence the physical realm with the magic of our womb space. 

On a more concrete level, this program will help you understand the four phases and fundamentals of your cycle in connection with nature and the lunar phases. It will help you track your fertility, as well as your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being during each phase, and to connect with and understand your body in these three realms. Furthermore, the program will dive into your hormonal system and how to support each phase with rituals and natural health practices. Above all, this program will empower you to live more in sync with yourself by creating a healthy and vibrant body, mind, and spirit that supports your unique life.

Full Program Table of Contents

Part I: Welcome to Moon Cycle Magic

Video: Welcome to Moon Cycle Magic
About The Program
Structure of The Program
Journal Exercise: What Do I Hope to Gain From This Program?

Part II: Creating a New Relationship with Your Cycle

Video: Sharing Our Experiences
Journal Exercise: Reflecting On My Relationship with My Cycle
What is A Cycle?
Journal Exercise: Envisioning A More Aligned Future Relationship With My Cycle

Part III: Understanding Your Cycle

The Four Phases of Our Cycle with Bridgette
Video: The Four Phases of Our Cycle
Journal Exercise: Checking in With MyInternal World
Charting Your Cycle
Primary Fertility Signs
Secondary Fertility Signs
How to Chart Your Cycle
Video: How to Chart Your Cycle with Brittany
Exercise: Charting My Cycle
More Resources for Charting

Part IV: Nurturing Your Cycle

The Menstruation Phase
The Follicular Phase
The Ovulation Phase
The Luteal Phase
Supporting Your Cyclical Nature
Video: Nurturing Your Cycle
Caring for Our Moon Cycles During Menstruation: Resources
Journal Exercise: Nurturing Myself During My Cycle
Experiential Exercise: Adopting One New Self Care Practice

Part V: Celebrating Your Cycle

How to Sync Your Cycle with the Moon
New Moon Rituals
New Moon Meditation
Full Moon Rituals
Full Moon Meditation
Other Rituals to Celebrate Your Cycle
Experiential Exercise: Celebrating My Cycle with Dance
Journaling Prompts for Each Cycle Phase

Part VI: Resources

Part VII: Thank You!

Video: Thank You and About Us
More Ways to Connect with Bridgette and Brittany

Words of Inspiration from the Program

The same force that moves the stars and the seasons pulses through each of us. Literally. Every cycle our bodies prepare to create, nurture, and birth life into this world. This is so epic! Whether we are wanting to literally bring a human life into this world, or harness the power of our creative centers and channel it in other life-giving ways, our cycles have the power to do that, and by syncing up with them, we have the power to mold those manifestations in whatever ways we most desire.

What Do You Need to Begin?


Internet access for this online program

A journal and writing implement

A desire to cultivate a new relationship with your cycle

A space of intention to dive in deep

An open heart and willingness to grow

What People Are Saying

“Moon Cycle Magic surpassed my expectations. I used to feel like the idea of loving my moon cycle (which I only ever thought of as my period) was totally inaccessible. This program has been eye-opening and life altering. My whole internal world has shifted as I have gained the knowledge and appreciation for my natural cycle, which I can wholeheartedly say that I now love.

“I got this program because I wanted to go off of hormonal birth control and thought I’d give the Fertility Awareness Method a try. What I gained has been so much more than just a hormone-free method to know if I’m fertile or not. I feel a deep unraveling taking place and strenghening my connection with my true nature.

“My favorite part of Moon Cycle Magic was seeing (and feeling inside of me) the ways that everything is so connected within our bodies and nature! I love how the seasons correlate with the phases of our cycle and how I’ve always felt that within me and I think until now resisted it on some level. I love the tools Bridgette and Brittany give for each phase and how my self care has improved drastically from them!

Ready to Heal Your Relationship With Your Moon Cycle?

We are eager to support you along this sacred growth journey to the center of your womb space.
You are so welcome here. Come join us.

Moon Cycle Magic Companion Guide
now included!


Exciting news! The program now comes with a the Companion Guide! Enjoy this beautifully created, easy-to-follow guide for how to nurture your cycle during each phase, which will offer you condensed highlights of the program. 

The intention of this guide is to offer you wisdom and tools about the four phases of your moon cycle, which you can print out our keep on your laptop and mobile device, and have with you wherever you go. Each section will share a general synopsis about what is occurring at this time, suggested nourishment, herbs, recipes, seed cycling, and movement. 

Moon Cycle Magic Program Graphi

Now Get them Both when you purchase the program!



Moon Cycle Magic Program Graphi

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