Programs & Coaching

  Be the badass you KNOW YOU ARE!

Through these online courses and coaching I will inspire and guide you to become the most badass, authentic and unique version of yourself.

Guiding you as we discover and let go of what is draining your energy and no longer resonating,

and helping you create space to embrace the life you dream of living.

Become the being you dream of being.


Brittany Taylor Simplify Program Cover Image

Simplify Program

Do you feel like you have too much going on? In your physical space? In your mental space? Your relationships? Your daily life? Your emotional world? Join me to do what I love most: Simplify.

The intention of this self-guided program is to inspire and delight you as we travel together along your unique journey of simplification. Discover how interconnected you really are to each realm and aspect of your life. Unravel what is stuck and become free to live the life of your dreams.

Moon Cycle Magic Program Graphi

Moon Cycle Magic

 Isn’t it crazy how few of us were taught how to have a healthy relationship with our menstrual cycle? If this ancient knowledge about the power of our sacred womb space had been passed on, how might our lives be different?

This program, created by Brittany Taylor in conjunction with Bridgette Wolleat, helps you to rebuild a healthy relationship with the mysterious power of your Moon Cycle. Understand the beauty, power and magic of your cyclical nature. Gaining deep wisdom, tools, exercises, and support. 


Personal Development Coaching Graphic

Personal Development Coaching

Do you feel inspired to discover what it means to be your True Self?

I love diving deep with clients who are interested in this level of growth and who are ready & willing to look within for their own answers.

Are you open to surrendering and releasing old ways of thinking and acting? If you believe that now is the time to allow the unfolding of the life you truly desire, then let’s get started!

Main Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum & Parenting Coaching

Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum & Parenting Coaching

Looking for support through these beautiful life transition moments?

With the mentorship and coaching Brittany provides, you will empower yourself to have the autonomous Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum or Parenting experiences that you desire. We will sort through conditioned responses to find what is true and resonant for you, letting go of that which causes resistance within your own unique process. Let’s work together to bring to life what feels most aligned for you and your family.

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