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Through my online programs and coaching, I am here to inspire and guide you in becoming most badass, authentic version of yourself. Let go of what is draining your energy and no longer resonating to create space to embrace the life you dream of living.


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Healing Jealousy

Are you tired of feeling the pangs of jealousy in your daily life? Heal and grow through deep self-understanding.

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This guide will inspire as you travel your unique journey of simplifying and discovering how to be the fullness of you!

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Moon Cycle Magic

Embrace and rebuild a healthy relationship with your menstrual cycle. Learn the beauty and power of your cyclical nature.

You are ready for a radical life shift.


“Let go, create Space, allow the life you dream of living, the being you dream of being to become your reality.”


Hi beautiful being! I’m Brittany Taylor, a YouTuber entrepreneur who currently resides in Austin, Texas. I host multiple YouTube channels, an Instagram account, create and share programs, and offer coaching for beings who are ready to step into a life of authenticity, guided by their full selves, the incredible beings they were born to be.

My vision in life is to inspire those looking to be the most authentic expression of themselves through the tools I have gathered and created along my own, unique, diverse journey of growth and expansion.

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And then I changed my mind completely

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Healing Depression & Anxiety – My Story + Tools

What beautiful beings are saying…

Belle Cardinal
“Being in community with Brittany has shown me that living in full presence and divine love is always, ALL ways possible.”

Belle Cardinal


Insta: @bellecardinal
Oslo Grace Testimonial
“Her Jealousy program, which I have just begun, is a gem I wish everyone could experience. A deep well of knowledge that I know I, and the people in my life will benefit from years to come. “

Oslo Grace

Insta: @oslograce
Sophia Seleh Testimonial Image
“When I feel lost and don’t know who I am, I come back to your content and feel like I found myself and my way to think again. Thank you so much for that. “

Sophia Saleh


Insta: @sophiaparvin_
Mike Hedge Testimonial

“Her Simplify Program was a simple, easy to follow eBook which helped encourage me to minimise and focus on the things that brought me the most joy!”

Mike Hedge


Insta: @hedgefamilyfarm

I love to share my thoughts and downloads with you via my Instagram posts and stories. Click on any image below to read the full caption and I invite you to follow me on Instagram.

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