Hi, I'm Brittany

I radically changed my life. It's my passion to help others do the same.

In 2012, Brittany radically changed her life. Two weeks after starting to work with a health coach for the first time, Brittany changed her diet, movement practices, created a transition plan to begin her dream of working remotely and traveling the world, made huge shifts in her self care, and basically let go of her previous identity as she had known it. Brittany let go of the shore and turned her outward gaze inward, following her true intuitive compass for the first time in such a drastic way.

By the end of the 2012, she was traveling full time, sharing about what she loved with the world through her YouTube channel, running her own online business and experiencing a health and vibrancy beyond her dreams.

I radically changed my life and I continue to. I allow myself to be reinvented. I welcome change, I welcome growth, I welcome fear. I live in the fire of my dreams. It is my passion to help others do this too.

Brittany noticed that shifting her internal world, changed her external reality. She saw how her relationships with others were a reflection of her own relationship with herself. She began to clear her lens and experience the most grand awakening of her life. She started an internal overhaul, which would continue to awaken her in radical, new ways for the rest of the decade.

Now, nearly a decade later, Brittany is still living and loving the life of an adventuring growth-junkie. After spending many years traveling the world in one small backpack, or living out of an RV with her business and life partner, Conor McMillen, the two welcomed their first child, Ilya, in 2019 and decided to reside for a while in their favorite location: Austin Texas.

Brittany continues to share her simple, minimalist, healthy, radical, alternative life with the world on her YouTube channels, Instagram, through the retreats and events she funs, and in her everyday life. Whether she is talking about jealousy, polyamory, freebirth, natural parenting, minimalism, body hair, welcoming fear, sex positivity, loving her menstrual cycle, or upside down doing handstands, Brittany chooses to live a life of passion, potency, and intention. In focusing on being the fullness of our true, loving selves, Brittany believes that we can all be the unique beauties we were born to be in this world. With our inner lights shinning brightly, uninhibited, she believes, there is no limit to what is possible for us.

Brittany hosts retreats and presents at health festivals around the world, where she shares about authentic relationships, self growth, healthy living, minimalism, healing trauma, natural parenting, autonomous pregnancy and birth and more. She also teaches partner acrobatics. Contact Brittany to book her for an event.

Brittany provides videos, posts, programs and coaching to inspire people from all walks of life to become the empowered, unique beings that they truly are and to share their light with the world. Learn more about the programs Brittany offers both on her own and in conjunctions with partners Conor McMillen and Bridgette Wolleat.

My Mission

I am here to inspire and guide you in becoming the most badass, authentic, unique version of yourself.

I am here to support you in letting go of what is draining your energy and no longer resonating, to create space to embrace the life you dream of living, the being you dream of being.

Facing Fears Head On

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