The Freebirth of Ilya Greyfox

Autonomous homebirth in water

Ilya Greyfox McMillen Taylor came earthside on May 20th, 2019 at 2:35pm, emerging into water, freebirthed at home by Brittany Taylor, who was supported by Conor McMillen. This video shares a real, raw look into the 24 hours of what it was like as they made their transition.

We, Brittany and Conor, have chosen to keep this birth video raw and real (as we like to do with all our content), and because of that, the video is quite intense at times, and also long, much like the experience itself.  We notice a lot of birth videos focus on the end of a baby’s transition earthside and less on initial or middle of the transition (i.e. “active labor” as opposed to the whole “labor” journey). We have felt inspired to share a glimpse into the entirety of our journey.

During these 24 hours, Brittany vlogged about her experience (mostly in the beginning), and took some footage of her moving through the waves (“contractions”) on her phone. Conor set up various still shots, mostly of the birthing tub, and also filmed some during key moments with a hand-held camera. What we have compiled is taken from many hours of footage.

We chose to keep the last part of the birth, from where Brittany feels the head presenting itself at her vaginal opening until Ilya is born relatively uncut, so that one may see how it unfolded in real time.

We invite you to experience however much of this resonates with you, knowing you may choose to speed through certain portions that could feel “slow.”

[PLEASE NOTE: This intention of this video is to share our unique experience with the desire to encourage others to have their own unique, authentic birth and life experiences. We do not suggest that you do things the way that we do, but rather to seek out what feels truly aligned for you and follow that.]

Watch The Birth Video

Listen to The Birth Story

Brittany & Conor reflect on the experience of IIya’s emmergence into the world, both on Britt’s podcast and on Indie Birth Podcast, in an episode hosted by Maryn green. Conor also shares a written reflection on his experience.

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